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Enthusiasm and Energy

New ways of thinking, being and acting

Impactful and viral solutions

A flexible and collaborative

Techniques that are proven and actionable

Being agile and experiment

My dna

I inspire and guide organizations to think and behave differently, to lead and ambiguity and to be successful. I work collaboratively with our partners, energize people, and transform behaviors and capabilities. I focus on leading self, leading teams and leading projects.

My playing field


The word facilitator comes from the Latin facilis (to make easy) and its etymological root gives action to the act of making things easier. Facilitation involves designing a process to help a group find a solution in a collaborative and generative way. 

Facilitation provides a safe space and dialogue opportunities among people, either in corporations, NGOs, Universities or any other social eco-system, allowing the emergence of the collective intelligence to enable groups to find solutions, to achieve objectives and engage for action.

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Transformation is a disruptive force and ambiguity is the context; therefore it is required that organizations think strategically, revisit or reinforce the organizational culture or even find and embrace new ways of doing and being

I support organizations in adapting by focusing on organizational agility and impeccable execution.

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Leadership is and has always been important. Either we work in a traditional, virtual or matrix context, leading self, leading others  leadership leading with others, leadership is a social process, an exercice  of effective influence beyond role or position level. I inspire and support leaders in developing their competencies by facilitating an experiential and interactive learning journey. 

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