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Imagine a (new) collaborative world…

Imagine a (new) collaborative world…


Imagine that the nature of work is evolving and that in the next decade the baby boomers will retire and the millennials will take over. For this generation traditional roles are “in play.” These Information Age workers grew up texting, pinging and yelping.

Imagine how they will relate to each other. Their common language teems with e-pinions, tweets, pins, shares and viral forwards.  They work and think in groups. In contrast to the Alpha era where work was algorithmic and incremental, where experience mattered more than anything else, work for the millennials will be fluid and heuristic.

Imagine global companies and technology will continue to provide tools for collaboration and connectivity. Robotics will take over manual tasks. Knowledge workers and the craftsman economy will thrive. Companies will have small cores of high impact teams that take on strategic initiatives. These teams will represent diversity of thought and knowledge.


Companies will be a connected ecosystem of other organizations that will partner with them and collaborate on many fronts. Companies will be defined by their cultures. Innovation will be a key driver. Organizations will be more reflective and self- aware and organizational structure and definitions of leadership will continue to evolve.


Author: Celeste Brito